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10 Equipment You Must Bring When Touring

Equipment that must be brought when touring – Friends who like touring with friends, whatever the community and what the vehicle is, certainly need mandatory equipment that must be taken when touring, especially for friends who are touring for long trips, of course, need a lot of equipment to be carried, but of course don’t […]

The Best Motorcycle Touring

One of the hobbies that are automatic touring, driving away while enjoying the scenery is a pleasure. But it is recommended to choose a motorcycle that has a relaxed driving position and upright body position and arms slightly bent so that your touring trip is more comfortable. Nowadays there are a lot of motorbikes that […]

Highway 50 – The Loneliest Road in America – 2003 

Highway 50 – The Loneliest Road in America – 2003  One day this fall I got a call from a friend who informed me that he was going to be in Reno, Nevada over the weekend.  Not only did this present an excellent “warm up” for my upcoming Vegas trip, download osg777 apk but it gave […]