10 Equipment You Must Bring When Touring

Equipment that must be brought when touring – Friends who like touring with friends, whatever the community and what the vehicle is, certainly need mandatory equipment that must be taken when touring, especially for friends who are touring for long trips, of course, need a lot of equipment to be carried, but of course don’t want to bother with carrying a bag that is too big, in addition to the completeness of the motorbike that must be prepared, of course the needs of the rider must also be considered.

One of the mandatory things that need to be considered is the equipment for vehicle documents, of course in every touring we will often cross the security post, of course it will not be fun if you get a ticket on a toring trip just because you are lacking in vehicle documents, try to provide a place which is simple for a situation where you have to show your driver’s license and other documents, without having to bother opening your wallet when asked about the complementary letters.

As we know Touring usually takes 1-2 days, taking long trips, of course, for those who are not used to doing this, they will be a little surprised and of course their physical condition is not ready, the next important thing is definitely the physical condition of the draiver, try to drive the driver to travel long distances in this condition. healthy, this can be handled by stretching or resting for a while when the body starts to feel uncomfortable, then of course understanding the traffic signs.

For group touring activities, of course there are rules that can also be done by using body language movements and the formations used, this must be understood by every touring member, touring activities are certainly very enjoyable activities as long as everything goes smoothly, not just the physical drivers who attention to motor health also plays an important role, now here are 10 Equipment That Must Be Bring When Touring From :

Equipment Must Be Bring When Touring


1. Power Bank

Equipment that must be brought during the first tour, namely the Power Bank, as we know, the majority of us use Smartphones, and in general, our smartphones have endurance of battery consumption of no more than 1 day, because the role of Hanphone is very important, so carrying Powerbank when touring makes it mandatory , especially for friends who do touring for days, as tips to save battery life, you can turn off your internet connection.

2. Raincoat

Equipment that must be brought when the next tour is a raincoat, going touring during the rainy season will certainly make you worry, even though it’s not the rainy season also bringing a raincoat just in case it is the right thing, besides being able to protect the skin, it will certainly be very fitting if the jacket is resistant water, it’s easy to find a waterproof jacket for that to prepare a waterproof jacket or raincoat, but in our opinion a raincoat will be even more complicated because of course it will also take up space.

3. Change of clothes and footwear

Equipment that must be brought when touring, one of which is a change of clothes and footwear, because usually touring takes more than 1 day, it is very good if you bring a change of clothes, it will be uncomfortable if body odor appears when toring, it will certainly make you uncomfortable. and uncomfortable, the next one should not be forgotten, namely footwear, where every touring we are sure to use shoes, both big and small shoes, of course you need footwear such as sandals.

4. Medicines

Equipment that must be brought when touring, one of which is medicine, where you will certainly not lose valuable moments when touring due to illness, usually those who are not used to touring will be a little dizzy because they have to travel long distances, medicine equipment that is usually carried like wood oil white, plaster, betadine, repel. emergency events may occur by preparing various kinds of drugs, of course, will minimize this.

5. Cash

What needs to be prepared next is cash, this is something we often forget, maybe cash in this case is change, for a friend who usually travels, you don’t have change because it’s comfortable enough to carry an ATM card and a credit card, of course when doing it. taouring this needs to be anticipated because it is not certain that we can easily find an ATM at our destination, besides that, provide coins in a small pocket to prepare to pay for parking and so on.

6. Tool Kit

Equipment that must be brought when touring, one of which is the Tool Kit, because the weight of the tool kit is better kept under the seat of your motorbike, it will be tidier if the place is provided and arranged neatly (usually sold as a set) motorbike touring trips, your motorbike must be provided with a tool kit. At least for minor minor damage such as loose motor bolts, or replacing some minor parts in the motorbike, you can still do it yourself without the help of a mechanic in a motorbike repair shop.

7. Flat Tire Repair Kit (practical tire repair tool)

Equipment that must be brought when the next tour is the Flat Tire Repair Kit, maybe some of you are not familiar with this tool, this tool is made to fill the air and patch the tires if they leak, so we suggest using tubular tires on your motorbike when you want to tour on a long trip, it will be very It’s a hassle when you’re touring your friend’s motorbike has a flat tire or is leaking, because it doesn’t mean that you will immediately find a place to fill the air or the nearest tire repairer.

8. Flashlights and matches

Equipment that must be brought when touring, the next is lighting equipment such as flashlights and matches, the use of flashlights and lighters is very useful when your friend’s motorcycle touring trip is entering the night. If the flashlight functions as a light source at night, the use of your own lighter can also be a lifesaver when you have to light a fire for cooking or just a campfire. besides that, a touring marker flashlight or a Police flashlight is also very much needed.

9. Multifunctional Folding Knife

Equipment that must be brought when touring, which is certainly a multi-functional folding knife, the multi-functional folding knife itself plays an important role in what happens, if you usually make a campfire eating a multi-functional knife, try to bring a folding knife that you bring it on. When touring is a folding knife that is sharp, so you don’t need to sharpen it yourself when you want to use it, the various functions in the folding knife are also very helpful.

10. Maps And GPS

Equipment that must be brought when traveling which is quite important, namely maps and GPS, where the maps we use are very helpful, especially we usually don’t know the place, actually maps and GPS are very helpful besides also when the road is jammed and we can find other alternative roads, besides that even though GPS has very good and supportive features, but of course not all places in the country have a good signal to support the GPS feature, even if you use the Offlain feature, it will certainly drain battery consumption.

The equipment above is very helpful in doing taouring activities, but what you definitely need to pay attention to when doing touring is the condition of the motorbike and of course the rider or in this case your physical friend, don’t ever make a long trip when your friend’s body is not fit, this of course It will be very dangerous when the condition of the motorbike is traveling long distances must also be thoroughly checked, in this case you can service it first at an official merchant.

Touring is the most exciting thing for men, gathering with friends in the community discussing interesting places, with touring alone for friends who are true bikers going touring is a very exciting thing, but some things need to be paid attention to when doing touring, especially the most important Knowing traffic signs and mutual respect for road users, so tips and tricks when touring with equipment that must be brought when touring. Hopefully this can be useful for automotive lovers.