The Best Motorcycle Touring

One of the hobbies that are automatic touring, driving away while enjoying the scenery is a pleasure. But it is recommended to choose a motorcycle that has a relaxed driving position and upright body position and arms slightly bent so that your touring trip is more comfortable. Nowadays there are a lot of motorbikes that have good specifications, we only need to choose them according to our taste and budget. When looking for an expensive touring motorcycle, of course we don’t need to be confused, because there are so many choices

This time we only recommend the best touring motorbikes with engines with a capacity of 150cc and 250cc, because it is more suitable for people who on average have not been able to buy Moge at a price of hundreds of millions of rupiah. Now the following recommendations of the best motorcycle touring

Kawasaki Versys-X 250

The first best touring motorbike is the Kawasaki Versys-X 250 Tourer. This motor is powered by a 250cc 2 cylinder engine which we often encounter, namely the Kawasaki ninja 250 engine that can output a maximum power of 34 PS at 11,500 rpm and the torque reaches 21.7 Nm at 10,000 rpm. To be more comfortable to be invited touring, the Versys-X 250 Tourer has a long front suspension combined with alloy wheels. In addition, this best touring motorbike is also equipped with side panniers, fog lamps, engine guard, hand guard, and DC outlets to fill various gadgets below when touring.

Yamaha Xabra

Upside Down front suspension that makes handling more perfect and more stable makes the Yamaha Xabre the right choice for those of you who are looking for the best motorcycle touring. In addition, Xabre offers a more upright driving position, so driving feels more comfortable. Whereas the engine adopts a 150cc engine that is optimized with a 6-speed transmission system that increases the ability of acceleration and makes the engine power more evenly distributed.

VortekViar 250

Seeing the design of the motor above, definitely masbro thought motorcycles from Europe. But in fact, this is a motorbike from Indonesia named Viar Vortex. The original Indonesian automotive company has created the best touring motorcycle that has a 250cc engine capacity. Although only one cylinder, but the engine performance of this Viar motor can still be relied upon for long trips. In addition, the best touring motorbike has used Upside Down front suspension disc brakes on both wheels.